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TWENTY NINETEEN weddings all wrapped up in a nice and neat little slideshow for you to enjoy! I adore doing these at the end of the year! It’s such a beautiful way to go back to feeling all the love and happiness I was lucky enough to experience with my Couples this year.

2019 consisted of 22 weddings, 13 portraits and a handful of corporate functions and commercial shoots. It’s been a big year with my own wedding in the mix as well!

Huge, huge thanks to all of my Couples and portrait clients for their love and trust. You are amazing and I’m grateful for every one of you.

I hope you love the slideshow and I would be forever grateful if you would share it.

Thank you for being here. Erica xx

*** Best enjoyed at 1080p resolution ***

Goodbye 2018, you were fabulous!

Here we are, 7 days into 2019 already, and a crazy busy week ahead of me. Before we know it, it’ll be Feb… It’s true when they say “the days are long, but the years are short”.

I did manage to get some time off during the festive season, so I took the opportunity to reminisce over all my beautiful Couples who trusted me to record their wedding days to help them make their weddings last forever. It was so nice to spend some time looking back at my work over the last year.

So here we are…. my 2018 weddings slideshows is ready to be enjoyed! I hope you love it as much as I do.

Massive thanks to all my Couples for inviting us to share such a special day with you. I can’t thank you enough.

Erica xx

Tip: Best viewed at 1080p HD quality