Well, what can I say…. in a flash, 2022 has been and gone just as fast as previous years. .

The saying “the days are long, but the years are short” couldn’t be more true.

As a Perth family and wedding photographer, I was privileged to photograph so many love stories of all kinds. From proposals, to loved up couples, many epic weddings, some gorgeous baby bumps and newborns, christenings, as well as families of all kinds with little ones, to grown up kids with their own children. I feel as though I need to re-brand myself as a ‘love photographer’, because if you think about it, all of these photography genres have that one, very important thing in common ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

A massive thank you to every single one of my couples and families for inviting me along to record your most important milestones and the people who mean the world to you. It’s my honour to help you remember just how loved you are.

Doing these slideshows is such a feel-good end of year gesture which I gladly get to share with you whilst spreading those warm fuzzies around ?

I hope you’ll find 2 mins and 48 secs to look at both slideshows, and that they bring a smile to your day.

Here’s to 2023 being a fantastic year!

Erica xx

PS: If you or someone you know is recently engaged, I would be so grateful if you could please share my details with them.

PPS: In 2023 you deserve to have beautiful photos and memories with your family. Let’s make it happen!

Check out my Perth Weddings Slideshow below ?


Check out my Perth Family Photos Slideshow below ?

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