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extended family photography perth

extended family photoshoot perth


There really is no time like the present. 

This is particularly true when it comes to family photography. As an extended family photographer in Perth, I capture the memories that make your heart smile. The memories of the ones you love, that you wish would never end, but know, must. 

The memories you’d like to soak up and tuck away for a rainy day, so you can feel those rush of wonderful feelings all over again. Feelings you want to feel and memories you want to experience long after they’re gone. 

They say that you never truly know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. 

I’m here to help you fill your memory bank and freeze the time with your family that is ‘oh so precious,’ allowing you to treasure those priceless memories forever and ever. 

The time to capture these moments is now.

Sentimental at heart

So, who are you and why are you here? 

You’re sentimental at heart and your family is your world. 

You’re here because you couldn’t imagine a life without them in it and want to capture as many special moments with them as possible, before the time that is so fleeting floats away… 

As you know, the days are long, but the years are short, and time isn’t infinite – as much as you’d like it to be. 

You value the investment that is photography, because you see it for more than that. 

You see photographs as priceless moments you can treasure forever when transformed into beautiful wall art that speaks love – wall art that will be handed down to adorn many walls, for many generations to come. 

Watch the video below to get an insight into what it’s like to have a family photo shoot with me!

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Love Notes

A family adventure to last a lifetime

Family photography is special and sentimental, but always has an element of fun too. And it must, especially for the little ones! 

As a Perth family photographer, my warm and friendly nature will help you and your family feel comfortable in front of the camera, while you’re chasing those smiles, hugs and connection. I’m not afraid of getting a bit silly with the little ones either to get those smiles going. I’ve even been known to make teenagers crack a genuine smile (true story). 

Think of your time with me, as a fun filled family adventure with your favourite people. 

Are you ready for your family adventure? 

From little things, big things grow

Remember the days when your family was small? 

Chances are, it’s grown and you have an extended family now. Think aunties and uncles, partners, children, step children, grandparents, and more. And let’s not forget our furry friends that form part of our family too! 

Generations of loved ones spread across the country, or even the world. Or, if you’re lucky, they’re all right here with you in Perth. 

As someone who’s family is scattered across the globe, I must say I’m pretty envious! 

Wouldn’t the next time you’re all together be the perfect opportunity to take a multi-generational family photo? 

Imagine looking on this for years to come, seeing every one you love together. Imagine the sheer amount of joy from so many, one photo could achieve. 

Time won’t wait for you. The time to take the picture is now. 

capturing every chapter of life for a truly unique family photography experience

Through my photography, I can walk with you on your life journey and be there to photograph every chapter of your life, as you turn each page, for every special moment, occasion and milestone. 

We may open your book at the chapter of ‘creating a new life’ and all that this brings to your family and continue reading together for many chapters throughout your life to come. 

Through these chapters, I’ll become your ‘life photographer,’ almost like an extended member of your family, sharing in your unique life story, and helping you tell it with beautiful images. 

Together, we’ll celebrate your truly beautiful life – one that only you could live. 

When you choose me for your Perth family photography, you’ll be choosing a unique photography experience. 

What does this experience look like and what makes it unique?

Let’s take a peek…

01. Discovery call

During our discovery call, I’ll take the time to get to know a bit about you, your family or loved ones and the type of portraits you’re looking to capture.

02. photo shoot

Woohoo! It’s time! 

Fun times ahead with your favourite humans (and maybe pets too!) at a location of your choice!

03. design consult

You’re invited to watch in wonder, as my studio transforms into a cinema room, ready to view your beautiful images on the BIG SCREEN!

04. artwork collection

Whatever products you chose for your home, it’s sure to transform the room, add character and personality, warmth and comfort, and most importantly tell your story. 

special moments to display forever

Now that we’ve frozen some of the most special moments in time and captured your story with beautiful photography, how will you display your photos in your home?

Whether your photographs are to celebrate your iconic love story, the new life you’ve created, your maternal strength and beauty, or your beautiful growing family, the photos deserve to be treasured and remembered – not forgotten.

From wall art that speaks love and fine art albums that tell a story, to timber folio boxes that showcase your most special moments, and digital collections that truly deliver, there’s a photography product that’s right for you.


What should we wear?

Once you’ve completed the online booking process, I’ll send you through my ‘what to wear and how to prepare for your shoot’ guide. But as a general rule, avoid bold patterns and try to choose a colour cohesive wardrobe for your whole family. Most importantly, wear something you feel fantastic in, as your confidence will translate in the photos!

What happens if it rains?

Finding a date which suits your entire family, can often be the most difficult part of the process.

So if you’re booking an extended family photoshoot in the cooler months, it’s always a good idea to choose a location which has some undercover areas in case there’s a bit of rain on and off.

If there’s a small amount of rain forecast for the day, I would generally recommend we persevere, as usually it’s not as bad as predicted. I’ve even done a shoot in sprinkling rain with a large family, because rescheduling wasn’t an option! And you can’t even tell there was any ain at all. 

Having a back up date during a winter shoot is always a good idea as well, in case there’s relentless rain forecast the day of the shoot. 

Where can we do the shoot? And what time of day is best?

All of my family shoots take place about an hour before sunset to get the best light. It depends slightly on the location chosen.

Photographing leading up to sunset means you get the best photos, so it’s absolutely worth the effort. 

Bear in mind, the earliest the sun sets in Perth is about 5.20pm, and sets as late at 7.30pm during the peak of summer.

I have a range of favourite locations I love to use, and together, we’ll chat about what would suit your family best. If you have any favourite or sentimental spots, let me know, and I’ll see if we can make it happen.

How will we all get to see the photos created?

I know the biggest challenge with an extended family photoshoot, is to find a date which works for every one. So there’s a couple of options available to make the next step as easy as possible. 

Generally speaking, about a week after the photo shoot all decision makers are welcome to come to my studio for the design consultation appointment. This is where you’ll have the opportunity to see all the gorgeous photos we created for the first time, choose how you’d like to display them, and place your order.

For example, Mum with her two adult Daughters would come along to the design consult, as with a family of this size, it’s generally not overly difficult to find a suitable date. 

Alternatively, if your family is much larger or perhaps you’ve created the opportunity to do this photo shoot because you have family coming in from out of town, it might be more convenient for your family to be able to see the photos the same day as the photo shoot, and to take the opportunity while everyone is already together.

In this case, I can organise for a design consultation appointment to follow almost straight after your photo shoot for everyone’s convenience.

So, I need about an hour to get back to my studio and get your photos ready. Then generally one parent from each family unit will take the kids home, while the other parent and the grandparents (eg: the decision makers) come back to the studio for the design consultation.

During our discovery call, we will chat about which option will work best for your family.


What combinations will you take? Is it *just* the whole family together?

While the main focus of this type of photo shoot is to capture the whole family together, I always want to make the most of the occasion, by creating a gorgeous variety of photographs for your entire family. 

For example, I love photographing the grandparents with just the grandkids, getting a cousins photo, each individual family unit etc.

If time allows, and depending on the age groups, there’s lots more combinations we can do.

This is something we’ll definitely chat about during our discovery call, so I can tailor your photo shoot to your needs and wishes.

Who can be a part of the shoot? What about our dog?

Generally speaking, most of my families include grandparents, adult children and their children.

Once in a while, I’m lucky enough to photograph 4 generations and include the great-grandparents too! 

However, if you’re wanting to bring the WHOLE family together, as in aunties, uncles, and cousins as well for an epic family photo shoot, I’m always up for a challenge! Just ask.

Having photographed weddings for so many years, I can confidently call myself an expert in ‘herding cats’!

Dogs are most welcome to be a part of it too. After all, they are also family. 

Get in touch

Ready to capture all that your family means to you? 

From here, we’ll book in a discovery call to discuss you, your family and your photography needs. 

Having a phone chat is the quickest and best way for me to find out what you need, how I can help and for us both to get a ‘vibe’ for each other and make sure we’ll be a good fit to work together. 

Photos make the best presents! Family photos gift certificates now available