In telling your story through images, I do a mix of natural, relaxed shots (with a touch of glam), as well as stunning, modern portraits. I’m fly on the wall at the ceremony, and at the reception I’m all about capturing the celebration.

I’ve been lucky to have Alanna shoot by my side for many years! We make an awesome team and I rarely shoot solo. If I do, it’s usually when the wedding is very intimate and just a few short hours, so 99% of the time, you get two of us.

We always shoot weddings together for a bunch of reasons. Firstly, because I shoot your pre-ceremony preparation photos while she photographs your Fiancé’s. This way you have one photographer each during this part of the day. It also means we can get alternate angles of your ceremony while remaining discreet and not having to move around too much. Especially in a church.

Since a lot of the weddings I photograph are often quite large, European weddings, having a helping hand to co-ordinate everyone during the family photos and amongst the beautiful chaos, is a must and allows me to get things moving efficiently. And let’s face it, it’s also more fun overall!

Over my many years in business, I’ve shot weddings on 12 days to 2 years notice. It depends on the date that you set. Some dates are more popular than others. So as soon as you have set the date, get in touch!

If you haven’t already, make sure you have a look at my wedding experience page, and products and services page to get a bit of an idea as to what you can expect from me. If you love what you see, fill in the form so I can call you and send you my wedding photography experience guide for you to look at first.

I pride myself on really getting to know my couples, so once you’ve decided you’d like to book me for your wedding, I’d love to meet you both in person to guide you through the booking process.

To officially book, you need to have your wedding date confirmed, and then a non refundable booking fee and signed paperwork will secure your date with me. It’s all done online and super easy. Then I’m all yours for your date!

I sure do! It’s so refreshing being able to get away for a gorgeous wedding amongst a different scenery! Whether it’s down south, or across the country. Just get in touch for a quote on any additional fees.

Yes! I choose to work with suppliers who share my values of integrity, high service and excellence. When you book me as your wedding photographer I am happy to provide you with my preferred suppliers list. I receive no financial incentive from these suppliers, I simply believe you deserve the best of the best.

I accept cash, direct bank transfers, and Visa/MasterCard credit cards with a 2.2% processing fee.

Photos make the best presents! Family photos gift certificates now available