This was such a fun photo shoot! Jan (Nanna) was the one that arranged the session. She had wanted to get some photos taken with her 2 Daughters, their Husbands and kids together for a while. I had no idea until after, but it was Jan’s 70th Birthday that day! What a fantastic way to celebrate!

Especially as they all came by my studio later that arvo for their design consultation. It was a bit of a challenge to get everyone together for this photo shoot, so we made the most of it. I sent them off to have cake and coffee after we had finished our photo shoot, and an hour or so later they were back choosing their favourites. Much easier than trying to set up another date that worked for everyone. My office was filled with laughter and happy tears throughout the design consultation. It was just gorgeous!

The brief was no boring, formal photos. They wanted to have fun. And we certainly did. One of the kids mentioned it was one of the most fun days of her life. She spoke about it for weeks! Too cute 🙂

We played a chinese whispers game, which ended up as a HUGE 2.4m storyboard on Jan’s wall. I absoluetly love the way it turned out! I was there for the installation, so I made sure to take a photo of it hanging in her home. How great does it look???

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