To say I’m honoured to be contacted by my old wedding Couples to photograph their next stages of life, would be an understatement.

There’s just something so, so rewarding about seeing my Couples a few years later, with an addition or two to their family. It is quite surreal, yet wonderful! To be honest, I don’t have the words to describe it. So I will just share a handful of recent and not so recent shoots and weddings with you (I’m digging WAY back into the archives! Oh how my work has evolved over the years!!!)

If you’ve been meaning to organise a photo shoot of your family, please call me! Don’t put it off any longer. Don’t wait until you’ve lost weight, changed hair colour, gotten in shape or whatever the ‘reason’ may be for putting it off. Celebrate your family at this present moment. You never know when circumstances might change very quickly… And as a bonus, it’s a gorgeous time of year! The colours are amazing! 

Did you know, if I photographed your wedding day, I offer the portrait photo shoot as a gift to you? That’s a saving of $150 and is for unlimited family portrait sessions over the years. I’ve been shooting weddings for 14 years now, and I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon! 

Call me on 041 991 5651 to get in touch. 


Above: Rachel & Duncan married in 2012, now with baby Josephine (can’t wait to show them all their photos from our shoot this Friday!)

Above: Bec & Mike married in 2008 with Ellie and Quinn still in tummy 

Above: Lara & Byron married in 2008 with baby Emily

Above: Anna & Rafael married in 2011 with Alessandra

Above: Bianca & Justin with Jade and Grace still in her belly (their wedding was shot on film in 2006, so there’s no blog post!)

Above: Zena & Steven maried in 2008 with beautiful baby Lotti (we photographed her Brother Harry a couple of years prior)

 Above: Astrie & Sam married in 2007 with Diora and Marshall – they’re about to collect their order from this shoot in a few days. Can’t wait to show it to them!


Photos make the best presents! Family photos gift certificates now available