I loved Belinda & Matt’s wedding! Despite the rain during the ceremony, we got lucky once we went on location.

The first location we went to, is a significant spot to Bel & Matt. They go there all the time for walks. I was definitely intrigued when they told me it was by the river and that there would be a cave! I’m so, so thrilled we went there! And so happy I had a gutsy Bride willing to sit on a big branch hanging over water!!! And walking on rocks in heels! Go Belinda!!!

Bel was planning on making her own wedding gown. I was so looking forward to seeing it, but unfortunately, being an insanely busy woman, she didn’t get to finish it, so opted for plan B. I’m sure it would’ve been beautiful, but she looked stunning regardless. Her nacklace was a gift from a previous special occasion from Matt. I love that it wasn’t a traditional bridal necklace, and overall, I just loved her ‘look’. They had so many little quirks throughout the wedding that really reflected their personalities.

Belinda made their bouquets, as well as decorated the entire barn! With some help I’m sure from family and friends. It looked stunning! Such a refreshing change

Now go and enjoy their photos and leave me a comment pretty please if you love what you see x


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