Last Friday the 3rd May I had one very, very important photoshoot. I had the privilege of photographing Baby Archer’s Celebration Day.

I booked this shoot thanks to a photographer friend who wasn’t available to photograph the event, and I am so, so grateful. It turns out that I had photographed Jackson (Archer’s older Brother) 6 years ago when he was just a baby. Small world. I was so honoured to be able to see the family again, and capture such an important occasion.

The service was held at Blewater Grill in Heathcote. Everyone was asked to wear at least 1 red item of clothing to help set the feel of the day. The Cleary family really wanted to put the focus on celebrating Archer’s life, as opposed to mourning his death.

A family friend lovingly decorated the beautiful bay window where Archer was placed. There were white paper pom poms hanging from the ceiling and butterflies, and of course the gorgeous view of the city in the background. 

Archer had a favourite teddy bear which was also part of the theme through the day. 100 of these teddys were given out to each guest as a keepsake.

After the service was finished, the immediate family said goodbye to Archer and they then joined the rest of their family and friends and released white love heart balloons into the sky. Thank goodness the weather gave us a lovely day! The rest of the guests then relased 200 red balloons. It looked amazing. I remember the stillness after all the balloons were up in the sky and everyone was just taking a few moments to look up, and and think of Archer.

All the children attending the service were also asked to draw a picture for baby Archer, so the Cleary family can turn all the drawings into a book to commemorate him. I love, love, love this idea. It’s so special. 

I just love all of the personal touches that made this Celebration Day even more special. 

I know from experience that attending a loved one’s funeral (or in Archer’s case – a Celebration Day) can be very surreal and usually goes by in a blur. I wholeheartedly believe that having a photographic record undoubtedly helps with the healing process. To be able to look back on the photographs created, which are so, so full of emotion, love and support, can, in my eyes only be a good thing.

I will share more on this new adventure with photographing funerals in Perth in a different post, but in the menatime, I do hope that you will love these images as much as the Cleary Family do.

Archer’s Mum said to me on the day, that these images will more than likely be more important to her than her wedding photos. That’s a HUGE statement.

Thank you Cleary Family for trusting me with such a momentous task!!! I hope I didn’t disappoint.

Sending you lots of love, warmth and strength. Erica xox


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