I’ve been lucky to have Alanna shoot by my side for many years! We make an awesome team and I rarely shoot solo. If I do, it’s usually when the wedding is very intimate and just a few short hours, so 99% of the time, you get two of us.

We always shoot weddings together for a bunch of reasons. Firstly, because she shoots the Groom’s prep while I shoot the Bride’s prep. This way you have one photographer each pre-ceremony. It also means we can get alternate angles of your ceremony while remaining discreet and not having to move around too much. Especially in a church.

Since a lot of the weddings I photograph are often quite large, European weddings, having a helping hand to co-ordinate everyone during the family photos and amongst the beautiful chaos, is a must and allows me to get things moving efficiently. And let’s face it, it’s also more fun overall!

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