You’ll notice on my Investment Page that a custom wedding album is always included. While the scope of your wedding album (how many pages and images are included) will be determined by your desires and budget, this is a signature part of my service. Frankly, I wouldn’t be Erica Serena Photographer without it!

The reason I create a wedding album for you is because I know from experience that life goes on after the wedding. Many couples have the best intentions of putting their album together once they get back from honeymoon. But the reality is, life takes over, you find yourself building a house (or a family), and you’ll either put the wedding album to the bottom of your to-do list or not put the thought into it that is required. Maybe I care too much (it’s the Italian blood), but I refuse to let that happen to you. I work with my couples to put together something so special that you’ll look back and thank me in years to come.

If I’ve told your story through your wedding photographs, it’s best presented through an album rather than a computer? Quite simply, your wedding album will be more than your perfect storybook, it’ll be a family heirloom.