Welcome! I’m Erica Serena.

I often say I need the full story before I tell your story, which is why I love to get to know my Couples well before the Wedding Day. But first, here’s what you need to know about me: my approach is comprehensive, caring and committed. Results speak through the photos themselves, as well as the love notes like these, sent from Happy Couples after they’ve received their wedding album.

My goal is to preserve your wedding memories so that the love and magical delight of your special day sustains your entire marriage.  This means I look for images that have the power, years later, to bring those happy memories rushing back. It’s my purpose and my privilege.

Professionally speaking, I established my business when I was just twenty years old. With twenty years experience in the wedding photography industry, I’m as passionate as ever and always looking for ways to evolve.  My love affair with photography started in Year 9 when the class was finally offered at my school. I aced all techniques and was top of the class. It’s this same pursuit of excellence that underpins my work today.

Couples who choose me as their photographer tend to be planning classic rather than casual weddings, but not always.  And I’ll admit I love the elegant extravagance of big, beautiful celebrations. (What can I say? I’m Italian.) But there’s also something about a more relaxed, intimate and party-vibe type wedding, that also makes my heart sing! After all, weddings are about the people, not the ‘stuff’.

I help Couples forever cherish the day they’ve been dreaming about. That’s why my work doesn’t stop at the Farewell Circle.

Once my Couple returns from their honeymoon, still basking in wedded bliss, we work together to create the perfect wedding album. And honestly, I don’t feel complete until that wedding album is ready for your ‘happy ever after.’

Call me professional, call me dedicated, but I insist on doing the things that you’ll be too busy to get to once the wedding is over and you’re building a life, house and family together. (Trust me – life goes on and you’ll be glad I took care of your wedding album for you.)

And yes, I am an award-winning photographer. Here’s a list of my awards (if that interests you).


  • I was born in a little town near Lake Como, northern Italy. We migrated to Australia when I was ten.
  • My Wife Nia and I have four fur-children. Two cats: Boris, a Blue British Short-hair, and Baxter, a Blue Point Ragdoll. Two dogs: Cheezels the Shar-pei, and Bruno, the Silky Terrier Cross. They make us smile every day, and I know my life would be boring and empty without them.
  • While I love photographing my classic brides, I not so secretly also crave modern weddings and clean, architectural lines in day to day life.
  • Even though I live for weddings, I’m not much of a party girl. If I’m not working on a Saturday night then you’ll likely find me having a night in with the Wifey, or going somewhere nice for dinner!
  • Give me quality, or I’d prefer to wait, thank you. From partners to purses to big-ticket purchases, I’ll hold out for the right one. No imitation-brands for me.
  • I’m sometimes mistaken for one of the Bridesmaids. (Because I help with those extra little jobs). Between photos, you’ll usually find me pinning on boutonnières, or doing up dress buttons for the Bride. This extra help elicits a genuine ‘Thank goodness you’re here, Erica!’
  • I live for flowers. Especially peonies, hyacinths and phalaenopsis. Oh, and Mary Street Bakery cinnamon donuts!

So, if you’re planning your wedding, I invite you to get in touch so that I can send you my wedding photography experience guide detailing my all my wedding collections.

Love Erica

P.S: All love is welcome here.